Video of the Women's Team Performances

To see video of the women's team at the Caribbean Fest Show on 5/1/05, click these links sequentially:
Women's team video part 1
Women's team video part 2
Women's team video part 3

You can also see the same video footage from the Caribbean Fest show in a large picture and very high quality if you want. However, you have to wait through a very long download time to see this sharper picture because it is a much "bigger file." If you don't mind the wait, click here (long download)  (It's actually worth the wait as it is an incredibly clean and lively video when viewed that way!)

To see video from the D.C. Salsa Congress on 6/12/05, click here (coming soon).

Above: Ladies Team from DanceInTime at their Carribbean Fest performance 5/1/05

Above: The members of the Women's Team who performed at the D.C. Congress, 6/05

Above: Members of the Women's Team who were the followers at the D.C. Congress performance, 6/05

Above: Some members of the women's team from DanceInTime perform at the D.C. Congress, 6/05
Photo courtesy of GreatDance/Stuck on Salsa

Above: Performing at Latino Fest in Baltimore, '05