Team-Building & Leadership Dance Programs

Barbara Bernstein, the director of Danceintime, also runs programs to enhance team-building, leadership, and cooperation, using Latin music and dance.

An assortment of lively and enjoyable workshops is offered. They all feature team-work and small-group work, and are designed to enhance connection and cooperation among people who work together. Music and dance activities are just the vehicle used to achieve this goal.

The workshops are organized in a "warm" environment to set everyone at ease. Programs are flexibly designed to suit the goals of each organization. They start with the basics, assuming the group has no prior knowledge or experience so everyone is comfortable. These programs can involve one or more workshop leader, as appropriate for the size and needs of the group. Though originally designed for corporations and workplaces, the team-building programs can be adapted for schools as well.

Above: Team building dance program for students at Edison High School in Virginia. June 07.

Click here to see the Ravens cheer squad engaged in a team building program using Salsa dancing, led by Barbara Bernstein.

Above: Participants in a team building program at a public school.

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