Above:  Performing Salsa on the main stage at the University of Maryland's annual Maryland Day event. 4.15

Above:  DIT doing a Salsa Rueda presentation at Loudon County's "Earth Day Festival" in Ashburn, VA.   4.15

Above:  Glen teaching at a "Teacher Appreciation Luncheon" in honor of Cinco de Mayo, at a Baltimore Charter School (Monarch Academy).   5.15

Above:  Lucia graciously hosted Okechi and Chin in Paris......DanceInTime just has fun everywhere!!    4.15

Above:  Barb Bernstein teaching Salsa Rueda moves at "Urban Bar" in London!   5.15

Above:  Three DanceInTime friends hang out at La Pachanga's Latin night! Great dancing!   5.15

Above:  The DIT gang pose after their performance at the 2015 Baltimore Salsa Congress     4.15

Above: One of my favorite T-shirts that walked into class, on the back of a guy with a sense of humor....

Above:  DIT teaching Salsa to the military personnel at Fort Dix (New Jersey). This was a special Hispanic Heritage program at the base. 2014

Above:  Yvonne, Barb (dressed as a police officer), Jason, and Charlotte hang out backstage before their show at the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival in Feb. 2014.  They told a hilarious story of crime and heartbreak through dance with the help of voice overs added to the Salsa track.


Above:  Sinclair O' Gaga caught in full suspension as he busts out his great West African Dance moves.  This was at a DIT show for Loudon County's Earth Day Festival in Ashburn, VA.   We also did some Rueda and taught Salsa and Merengue!   4.15

Above:  DIT performed and taught at Andrews Air Force Base for a community center's "Grand Opening" event.  4.15

Above: DanceInTime before a performance at Goucher College. 2014.

Above:  Performing Salsa at a government office, to honor Hispanic Heritage Month. 2014.

Above:  The gang at Cuba Libre.

Above:  Barb Bernstein teaching Salsa moves in London.  5.15

Above:  DanceInTime dancers meet up at La Pachanga's in Paris for some Salsa!   5.15

Above:  DanceInTime performers provided a show for a dinner party at Vis Art Center in Rockville, MD.  3.15

Above:  A wonderful meal at a beautiful home---in Paris, where some DanceInTime friends met up.....  then off to the club for some dancing!  Thanks so much to the hospitality of Za and Pierre for a great home cooked Parisian meal!

Above:  DanceInTime dancers posing before a show at a wedding reception in Columbia, MD.

Above:  Dancing in a Rueda circle (called by Glen) at the Barking Dog in Bethesda, MD.   5.15

Above: DIT performed at a Holiday Party at the U. of MD's Math Dept. One of the dancers wore an appropriate Santa hat, which he embellished with math/scientific symbols.

Above:  After the DC class, the group often goes out together to a Mexican restaurant around the corner, where the food is great and inexpensive!!

Above:  DIT, Sentimiento, and Marsha Bonet & Dancers performed together at a show produced by DanceInTime for a private party at a country club.  It was very well received and a really fun night!

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