Above:   Ron Warczynski and Barb Bernstein performing a medley of all the major Latin club dances (Salsa, Cha cha, Merengue, and Bachata) at a Hispanic Heritage Month show for Bowie State University.

Above: DanceInTime performing at the San Francisco Rueda Festival. Feb. 2013.

Above: Performing at a Hispanic Heritage Show for the Marshall Service, a division of the Department of Justice.  10.12.12

Above: DanceInTime performed for Hispanic Heritage Month at the Washington Nationals Ballpark. This is a Cuban Salsa cirlce with a couple dancing one on one in the center. 9.20.12

Above:Dancers pose with some members of the audience at a DIT performance for Hispanic Heritage Moth held at Ft. Belvoir. 10/2011
Performance at Baltimore Salsa Festival
Above: DIT performers before their show at the Baltimore Salsa Festival.
Performance at a Salsa Congress in Washington DC
DanceInTime performing at the Washington, DC Salsa Congress 2010
Latin dance performance in Alexandria, VA
Above: African dancer from Wombworks at the World Bank show in Virginia 3/4/10.
Latin dance performance in Alexandria, VA
Above: Indian dancing for DanceInTime's Latin/Indian fusion performance at the World Bank show in Alexandria, VA.*  3/4/10  Photo by Isabel Triemer
Latin dance performance
Above: DanceInTime performs a combined Salsa and Cha Cha performance of their "Charlie's Angels Routine" at the Miami Salsa Congress, 2007
Salsa lesson and performance
Above: The audience practices dance moves after a lesson at First Night Annapolis. 12/31/05
Latin dance performance in Alexandria, VA
Above: DanceInTime debuts their Cuban routine at the World Bank show in Alexandria, VA. 3/4/10
Dance performance in Alexandria, VA
Above: Asian dancers from Silk Road Company join DanceInTime at the World Bank show in Alexandria, VA. 3/4/10
Performing in McLean, VA
Above: Holly Morris filming the DanceInTime crew in Mc Lean, Virginia, on 4/4/06.
Dance performance and class in Baltimore, MD
Above: DanceInTime teaching at Artscape in Baltimore, Maryland.  7/06
Latin dance performance
Above: DanceInTime partnered with "Project Generation" to produce a show in Miami, Florida on a yacht. 1/10
Latin dance performance in Alexandria, VA
Above: Rueda performance at the World Bank show in Alexandria, VA. 3/4/10
Latin dance lesson at a high school
Above: Barb Bernstein and Sean Climer teaching and performing at a high school in Annapolis, MD. We taught the students to distinguish Salsa, Merengue, and Cha Cha music, and then taught basic steps of those dances. 3/10

Above: The Women's Team dressed as "robots" for their Hip Hop/Salsa routine. 2011


 Flashy Dance Shows
         Add Sizzle!

DanceInTime specializes in Latin Dance performances that add "zing" to parties, festivals, and office events.  Programs have been run in many US states.

Hispanic Heritage/Women's History Month Programs 

DIT produces many heritage month programs for churches, offices, and schools.  Click for more details:
Women's History Month (March) or Hispanic Heritage Month programs. (Sept./Oct).

Kennedy Center & Verizon Center

On March 23, 2003, Barb Bernstein produced a Millennium Stage show for the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Contact Barb for a video of this show.

DIT also performed at Washington's Verizon Center (a 20,000 seat indoor arena!) on January 30, 2004.  We danced between quarters at an NBA game!  To see video, click here*.   

All Kinds of Shows!

The "Videos" page of this website captures the great variety of presentations that DIT has done.  There is both an all women's and a mixed gender team. 
DIT's first "Women's Team" performance was on May 1, 2005 (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3).  They have told stories through dance (see the Charlie's Angels routine Part 1  and  Part 2) and done many unique shows. 

To see DIT's Rueda team, click here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.   

Venues sometimes ask DIT to run Dancing with the Stars competitions. For example, at a Bowie Baysox game, DIT taught local "stars" (Dan Steinberg, sports writer for the Washington Post, and Brian van de Graaff, ABC's popular TV Weatherman).  They performed on the field between innings!  This video captures the fun:
Click Here and here.

And DIT was on the Fox 5 News in DC.  Check out this hilarious video clip of Barb teaching the newscaster: http://danceintime.com/Movies/FoxNews/FX-T%201.MOV 

Other Ethnic Dances

DIT has also arranged presentations of an array of ethnic dances: Polynesian (click here), Greek "Syrtos" (click here), and of course, Latin (click here).  To see highlights of a multi-cultural show for the World Bank, Click here and scroll to the last item.
Check out this video of a "Global Rueda" presentation: https://youtu.be/uEgrI03nvNs. This was done at the San Francisco Rueda Festival performance in 2017.

To arrange a dance program, contact Barb (301-980-6043; BarbBtalks@aol.com).

To see more examples of our shows, click here.

Above: Barb explaining the contriubtion of African culture to Salsa music during Black History Month.

Above:  DanceInTime performed for Hispanic Heritage Month at the Washington Nationals Ballpark.  One of their mascots, George Washington asked Barb for a dance!  9.20.12

Above: Amber and Lucia have fun at Latin Fest in Baltimore prior to a DIT performance. 2012.
Marsha demonstrating the Flamenco dance.
Above: Marsha Bonet-Savchenko demonstrates flamenco footwork at a Dance In Time Women's history Month program held at the Bowie Performing Arts center. 3/11  (For more info on Marsha, visit: www.danceflame.com)
performance at a Bachata Congress in Washington DC
Above: DanceInTime on stage at the DC Bachata Congress 2010
DanceInTime performs at an event promoting TV show Dance Your Ass Off
Above: In June 2010, The Oxygen Network did a promotional tour in DC for their TV show "Dance Your A** Off." DanceInTime was asked to perform at this event. (The show features people trying to lose weight by dancing.)
Dance performance of the DIT women's team
Above: DanceInTime Women's Team performing at the NY Salsa Congress 7/10
Dance performance in Alexandria, VA
Above: Silk Road's Asian dancers performing at the World Bank show in Alexandria, VA.* 3/4/10  Photo by Isabel Triemer.
Latin dance performance
Above: Stephanie doing a head roll at the New York Salsa Congress. 2009
Latin dance performance
Above: Above: DanceInTime performs a combined Salsa and Cha Cha performance of their "Charlie's Angels Routine" at the Miami Salsa Congress.  2007
Salsa performance in northern Virginia
Above: DanceInTime Rueda team performing at the US National Dance Championships in Northern VA. 10/06

Dance performance in DC
Above: Some members of the American Dance Montage perform a swing routine at a show at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza in Washington, DC. 7/05.  (Frank Regan kindly lent the use of this wonderful choreography for the show.)

Latin dance performance in DC
Above: performing at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. 10/05

Salsa performance at a high school
Barb trained these dancers for a Salsa/Rueda performance at a Montgomery County High School in Wheaton, Maryland.
Dance performance for Women's History month in Washington DC
Above: Barb and Rita entertain at a Women's History Month program at a federal government office in Washington, DC. 3/09
Salsa dance performance
Above: DanceInTime Women's
Team at the New York Salsa Congress 2009
Salsa dance performance in Washington, DC
Above: Some of the Verizon Center
Performers in Washington, DC.
To see a short video of this show,
click here*.
*This movie file requires QuickTime Viewer. To download a free viewer, go to http://www.quicktime.apple.com
Salsa dance performance in Largo, MD
Above: Ladies Team from DanceInTime at Prince Georges Community College's Carribbean Fest performance in Largo, Maryland.  5/1/05  To see a short video of the women's team performing, click here.
To see more pictures, click here.

* These photos with astericks were kindly taken by Isabel Triemer, a DIT team member and professional photographer.  Check out her website at www.dreamerphoto.com.

Copyright Barbara Bernstein of DanceInTime.com, 2005