Hispanic Heritage Month program performers
Above: Folkloric Dance presentation at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Hispanic Heritage Month Speech
Above: Barb speaking at the podium at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.

Above:  Barb taught Salsa to close the Hispanic Heritage Program at the Marshal Service. She sang the National Anthem to open the program, and she and Glen performed Salsa and a Latin dance medley for this division of the Justice Department. 10.12.12..


Government Offices

Information Page for Danceintime contracts.

DIT is equipped to do government contracts, and has performed for many offices over Hispanic Heritage Month and Women's History Month.  Payment can be made through paypal or by direct deposit, or of course a check.  Note that DanceInTime is a more than 50% woman-owned company.

There are some videos and some information below that give the reader information regarding the programs that DIT runs.  However, we are very flexible and do not only programs of entertainment, but also educational programs and even athletic training--all using dance. 

To discuss a program uniquely suited to the needs of your office, contact Dr. Barbara Bernstein, Director of DanceInTime, any time (301-9806043 or BarbBtalks at aol dot com).

Videos from Hispanic Heritage Month Programs
DanceInTime offers all manner of Hispanic Heritage Month programs that include teaching, performing, and speaking about Hispanic culture. For more detailed information on these programs, visit:   http://www.danceintime.com/hispanic-heritage.htm

Dept of Labor: Mine Safety & Health Administration
Click here for Salsa lesson--part 1
Click here for Salsa lesson--part 2
Click here for Salsa lesson--part 3

Ft. Meade Army Base
Click here for rumba by Todd & Barb
Click here for folkloric dance by Gaby Garzon
Click here for samba by Todd & Barb
Click here for salsa by Cedric & Barb, and Gaby & Yadiel
Click here for a Salsa Rueda circle w/ historical info "voice over"

Videos from a Women's History Month Program

In keeping with the "Women Take The Lead" theme, DanceInTime provides entertainment with women leading in Latin dance performances.  The dances can be taught as well, and women are given the oppotunity to learn the leader's part.  In addition, Barb can talk about women's changing roles in society and in the arts. This original approach to Women's History Month and Women's Equality Day Programs, is always fun and well received.  In this video, Barb and Glen danced Salsa and afterwards the audience guessed who was leading...Can you watch them
(click here) tell?
For more detailed information on these programs, visit:

Above: Barb teaches Salsa with help from Laura, at the Women's History Month program for Maryland's Housing and Community Development Office. March 2012.

Hispanic Heritage Month performers
Above: Performers playing it "cool" at the Hispanic Heritage Month program for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Above: Performing at a Hispanic Heritage Show for the Marshall Service, a division of the Department of Justice.  10.12.12

Dance performance for Women's History month in Washington DC
Above: Barb and Rita entertain at a Women's History Month program at a federal government office in Washington, DC. 3/09