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Above:  Sinclair O' Gaga caught in full suspension as he busts out his great West African Dance moves.  This was at a DIT show for Loudon County's Earth Day Festival in Ashburn, VA.  We also did some Rueda and taught Salsa and Merengue! 

Above:  DanceInTime gang after a show

Above: Performing at a festival in Maryland


1.  Get On Our Mailing List

For monthly information on our classes and activities, email BarbBtalks at aol dot com.

2. Saturday Class Deal

DanceInTime is offering a 2 month: $49 for any Saturday classes running from the start of one month to the end of the next month.  This covers 8 or 9 Saturdays--about half price.  That class is at 733 Euclid St NW and starts with signing in at 12:45 pm.  


For current class info at all locations,
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Don't miss the
class on the second Friday of each month at Bossa Bistro (second floor; 9-10 pm).  Cost: $10.  Bossa has a live Latin band every Friday at 10:30 pm! Address: 2463---18th St NW; Washington DC 20009. Park: On street or at lot at 18th and Columbia Rd. Note that there will also be an hour class on Wed. 1/18/17 starting at 7 pm and on Thurs. 2/2/17 starting at 6:30 pm.


The Latin Night is every Friday at El Golfo’s in Silver Spring. 
The evening begins at 7 pm with Cuban duo, Blanco y Negro, who make beautiful music. They are amazing and you should not miss the opportunity to see them!! 
Then from about 9:30 to 10:30 pm there is a free class.  Barb will usually teach, but on the second Friday of the month, another DIT teacher will lead the class.  Then a DJ keeps the spirit going for open dancing on the dance floor.

Address:  8739 Flower Ave; Silver Spring, MD 20901.

5 Connecticut Salsa Festival
This promises to be a great event with workshops, shows etc.---all over Memorial Day Weekend (5/27 & 28, 2017)

The Salsa Rueda Boot Camp is part of the festival, and includes 3 to 4 hours of instruction on Saturday and Sunday.  It's a "crash course" on Rueda moves (steps, styling, technique).  The Bootcamp times are arranged so participants can also take other workshops at the Salsa Festival.

The goal is to prepare people to join the fun in Rueda circles on the dance floor, and learn a Rueda choreography with multiple circles.  Participants have the option of performing this on Sunday night.

An entire staff of teachers will work with the participants so that all everyone learns as much as possible and all levels of dancers are welcome. It's guaranteed to be loads of fun and very productive.

The full pass to the workshop (value over $200) is included in the cost of the Boot Camp.  You can't beat this value!!

. Really Cool Videos

a.  If you haven't seen the "Where the Hell is Matt?" videos, you have missed something very cool.  He just released a new one that some folks who dance locally participated in.  Here is the link:   (Can you find me--Barb Bernstein--in the Arlington, VA footage? Recognize anyone else??)

b. Here are recent DIT videos:  This is a "Global Rueda" routine, with moves from other dance styles.  And the dance performance is embedded in a James Bond storyline.  It was performed on 2/19/17 at the San Francisco Rueda Festival.   This is the Rueda choreography that was done at a show in DC.   We call this the "street performers routine."

See you on the dance floor!!


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