Salsa dance class at an event in Baltimore, MD
Above: Barb taught Casino Rueda after a performance at Latino Fest's Twenty Five Year Anniversary in Baltimore MD. 6/05
Salsa dance class at a Salsa congress
Above: Barb taught Cuban Salsa (Rueda) at the Philadelphia Salsa Congress with Athena, director of Salsita Dance Studio in Philly. 7/5/08
Frank Regan doing choreography with a DanceInTime team
Above: Dance In Time rehearsing in Alexandria,
Salsa dance class at an event in Bethesda, MD
Above: Teaching at the "Barking Dog" Nightclub
in Bethesda, Maryland. 1/2/07
Salsa dance class in McLean, VA
Above: Barb calls a Rueda move
Barbara Bernstein
Above: Barb Bernstein posing at the 2008 Philadelphia Salsa Congress.
Salsa dance performance in Washington, DC
Above: Performing at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC
Salsa Dance performance in Northern Virginia
Above: DanceInTime Rueda team performing at the US National Dance Championships in Northern Virginia. 10/06
Salsa performance in Washington, DC
Above: Some of the Verizon Center performers in DC.
Performance in Washington, DC
Above: Sheena does Polynesian dancing.
Swing dance performance in Washington, DC
Above: Some members of the American Dance Montage (Michele, Susan, Doug, and Fabio) do a swing routine in Wsahington DC at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza. The choreography was designed and kindly lent to DanceInTime's show by Frank Regan, director of the American Dance Montage.
Salsa performance in Washington, DC
Above: Performing at Zanzibars in Washington, DC. 02/09.

Additional information:

Is Cuban-Style Salsa
For You?

This lively and extremely social form of dancing is for you if you want to:

1. Learn many Salsa moves quickly.

2. Learn partnership moves and group moves/formations

3. Keep trading partners and dance with everyone, creating a team spirit.

Because Cuban style Salsa ("Rueda de Casino") is done by a group, people in the class feel connected, like a team.  In fact, a number of couples from our classes have became engaged or married! (See the wedding photo on this page!) See the Classes page for more details.

About the Instruction

The classes are patiently taught by Barbara Bernstein in conjunction with teaching assistants. All the teachers are experienced Salsa/Rueda dancers who kindly share their talent as instructors for DanceInTime. 

Barb herself has taught Salsa for a nearly 15 years at schools, studios, clubs, athletic facilities, county recreation departments, etc.  She has also taught (and performed) at out of town venues. Click here for more details on Barb's background.

How We Enhance And Tailor Our Performances

The performances that are arranged by DanceInTime sometimes lace dance demonstrations with educational components, such as discussing the history and underlying rhythm of the dances that are performed. This makes a nice program that both informs and entertains.

DanceInTime can run shows as long as one to three hours or as short as a single song performance.  
 Click here to read an article about the remarkable performance done in DC with 70 dancers at the Verizon Center, an indoor sports arena holding 20,000 seats!

A Great Way to Practice Dance Steps

How would you like to have a dance teacher constantly "on hand" as you practice dance steps?

Barb created a CD titled "Rhythm Reminder" to help dancers keep the beat.  It has music with a "voice over" that counts the dancers' beats just as teachers do in class----enabling them to concentrate on their steps. It is excellent for dance practice.  For more info, click here.

Click here for more general information about classes & shows.

Above: Barb and Doug at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza performance in Washington DC, where they did a cha cha routine   7/05

Above: DanceInTime visited another Rueda group in Philadelphia. The principal teachers are posing here. Left to right: Martin & Hadar (NY), Athena (Philadelphia), Barb and Glen (Washington, DC), Josh (Philadelphia) holding baby Avanah who was named after the city Havana, Cuba!

Above: Sheena is moving fast - at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress performance. 7/08

Above: German and Rodrigo shine at a DanceInTime performance at the US National Dance Championships in Northern VA.  10/06

  Salsa dance performance in DC
Above: DanceInTime team after performing at Zanzibar Nightclub in Washington, DC. 1/10/07

Above: celebrating Frank Regan's birthday (7/06) in Alexandria, VA with the American Dance Montage performers. Michele Kearney is expressing her appreciation for Frank's great direction. Barb prepared the cake - banana garnished with chocolate covered strawberries.
Latin dance performance in Washington, DC
Above: Some members of the American Dance Montage collaborated with DanceInTime in a show outside the Ronald Reagan Building in D.C.    7/05

Team building program in Baltimore
Above: The Baltimore Ravens' (football team) cheer squad at a "Salsa Team-Building" program conducted by DanceInTime. Spring 2008
Salsa performance
Above: DanceInTime performed a combined Salsa and Cha Cha performance of their "Charlie's Angles Routine" at the Miami Salsa Congress, 2007
Salsa performance in Washington, DC
Above: The women's team from Danceintime at Zanzibar's Nightclub in Washington DC awaiting their performance time. 4/08
Latin dance performance in Maryland
Above: DanceInTime posing before a Memorial Day performance in Gaithersburg, MD. 5/08
Latin dance performance in Maryland
Above: DanceInTime Rueda team photo, 2/08

Above: New York Rueda dancers collaborated with DanceInTime dancers, 4/22/07. They are posing in Barb's yard after a "step exchange."
Salsa party in Baltimore
Above: Party at a Baltimore studio. 12/07



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