Above: Barb teaches in Baltimore at a University of Maryland Professional School for Women's History Month. 3/2013.

Above: DanceInTime performers relax by a window that overlooks Baltimore's harbor.  They performed Salsa, Rueda, Bachata, Merengue, and Cha Cha at the National Aquarium's program for Women's History Month in Baltimore. 3/2/2012
Barb teaching Salsa in Bowie, Md.
Above: Barb & Glen taught and performed Salsa and then Latin dance at a Woman’s History month program at the Bowie Performing Arts Center. 3/11


Danceintime offers a program called "Women Take the Lead"  for Women's History Month (March), Women's Equality Day (August 26), or other events.

We can include comments on the role of women throughout history with attention to their role in the arts.  Women both lead and follow in this presentation based on women's innate equality and capability.  This program is empowering, educational, and fun!

Every time this show is done, it's uniquely designed to best suit the venue, audience, and budget. It can include any or all of these components:

1. Performance by one couple.
2. Performance by a dance team.
3. Instruction (women may learn to lead moves)
4. Brief talk about the history of women's roles

(Note that DIT is registered in the government's SAMS listing.  Our "Cage code" and "Dunns number" can be provided upon request to government offices.)

Below are video clips:
a. To hear Marsha Savchenko explain and demonstrate the role of women Flamenco dancers at such a program, click here

b. Barb and Glen danced Salsa and afterwards the audience guessed who was leading...Can you watch them
(click here) and guess?

c. And to see two all women's Salsa Rueda performances that were done for Women's History Month 2012 at Artisphere, click here and here.

If you are interested in a Women's-related program, contact Barb any time (301-9806043 or BarbBtalks at aol dot com). We produce all types of programs--large and small.















    women posing before performing at artisphere
Above: Dance In Time Women's Team poses before performing at the Women's History Month program at Artisphere 2012.

Ladies posing before their performance at the Bowie Performing arts center.
Above: Ladies who performed at a Dance In Time Women’s History month program at the Bowie Performing Arts Center. 3/11

Above: Barb laughs during a Women's History Month program she ran at the Maryland Housing and Community Development Office. March 2012

Above: Barb teaches Salsa with help from Laura, at the Women's History Month program for Maryland's Housing and Community Development Office. March 2012.