Frank Regan's Biography

Frank Regan has many champion ship titles to his name, such as United States Latin and Ten Dance Champion, North American Ten Dance Champion, and Canadian Champion--Standard and Latin. But these titles don't begin to tell the story of Mr. Regan's distinguished career as a dancer and choreographer.

Frank Regan has been the World Championship Adjudicator (of an International Ballroom Competition) on five occasions. He is an Honors Graduate of the highly respected Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) in London. And he has a Fellowship in Standard, Latin, American and Theater Arts Styles of Dance. He is also both a Fellow and an Examiner of the Theater Arts Branch of the United States ISTD. Regan received a Master's Degree in Theater and Dance Studies. Among his honors are: Honorary Life Member Award from the Canadian Dance Teachers Association for Special Artistic Contributions to Stage and Ballroom.

Above: Frank Regan and Barb Bernstein.

In addition to these impressive credentials, Regan produced and organized these major dance events: Atlantic City Dance Festival, Philadelphia Dance Festival, the First World Championships in America (1973) at Madison Square Garden, and the World Ten Dance Grand Prix de Montreal at the Olympic Velodrome which is a huge arena where 6,000 spectators attended the proceedings!! He also is director, choreographer and co-executive producer for the Annual North American Dance Awards at a venue called the Ohio Star Ball.

Regan received a special commendation for the United States Department of Cultural Affairs for the direction and choreography of the stage production of "Some Steps in Time" which opened in El Salvador. This was a beautiful summary of Dance History in America in the early half of the twentieth Century. Snippets of that show are on this website on the "History of Dance" page so you can see some of this work!

He has choreographed over 100 productions for stage and TV and has received the "Legends of Dance" award which puts him in the company of famed artists as Cyd Charisse, Marge Champion, June Allyson, Francois Szony, and Gene Nelson and Pierre Dulaine. Frank also has gotten the World's Dancing Hall of Fame Award and the Heritage Award for outstanding Contribution to Dance.

Currently, Regan is the Artistic Director and Choreographer for the American Dance Montage Theater Company as well as the Period and Stylistic Choreographer for the world famous Miami City Ballet Company.

Moreover, Frank is remarkably generous in working with his dance troupe and other dancers. He has earned not just the respect but also the affection of those he works with (including myself). If anyone would like to reach Frank Regan directly to discuss a choreography project with him, his email is:  Frank does work in many forms of dance from Ballet to Ballroom and beyond.

In conclusion, I would like to add some personal notes since I have worked with Mr. Regan as well as members of his dance company.  Frank tells me that designing choreographic movement is the easiest part of what he does. It is clear that beautiful movement patterns and designs "come easily" to him. He can start a new routine, and in one hour with his top notch dance troupe, he has carved out something breath-taking. It seems to just come out of his head as he goes along. He works well with two or more dancers, creating varied, textured, and graceful but dramatic movement patterns on the floor.

I used to teach Cuban Salsa (Rueda) moves to some members of his dance troupe, and the schedule was for me to arrive at the close of his American Dance Montage rehearsals. I loved coming a bit early, or starting a tad late because they were going over-time, as then I could watch them rehearse.  Their dancing and routines were always beautiful, soft but intense, graceful but bold, and the pattern of movement on the floor was never simple or symmetric. It's a joy to see Frank's choreographies. That is why with Frank's permission, I have included clips of his dance routines on the History of Ballroom Dancing in America page. You can see for yourself what I am describing.

In closing, below is a listing of his credits:

Ballroom Credits:

US Latin Champion
US Ten Dance Champion
Canadian Champion, Standard and Latin
North American Ten Dance Champion
British Rising Star Finalist
World Championship Adjudicator--Bremen, Germany; Royal Albert Hall, London; and various US locations
Imperial Honors Graduate--London, FISTD, BB, LA
Director of the Theater Arts Branch, USISTD
Director of the American Dance Montage--Ballroom Theater Company
Dance Coach and Choreographer-All Styles

Performing Arts Credits

Period and Stylistic Choreographer-Miami City Ballet
Choreographer (over 100 productions: TV, Stage, Film)
Director- TV, Stage, Film
Producer- TV, Stage
Lyricist- TV, Stage

Lecturer on these subjects:

Visual Composition and Choreography-TV, Stage, Film
Dance in the 20th Century
The Science of Non-Verbal Communication (Theatre)
Kinetic Considerations: Anatomy/Physics/Dance Injuries
Luigi Jazz Ballet System Theater Arts

Additional List of Honors

Director for the United States branch of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.
Artistic Director for the Alliance Dance Institute, Washington DC
Choreographer for over 100 productions (stage and TV)
Director, choreographer and co executive producer for the annual North American Dance Awards
Recipient of:
"World's Dancing Hall of Fame Award,"
AMI Lifetime Achievement Award,
NDCA Lifetime Achievement Award,
and the "Heritage Award for Outstanding Contribution to Dance"
Honorary Life Member Award from The Canadian Dance Teachers Association for special artistic contributions to stage and ballroom
Period and Stylistic Choreographer for the following ballets directed by Edward Villella:
Waltz - Our Lady of Oblivion
Quickstep - Unspeakable Jazz Must Go
Mambo Number 2AM
Gismonte Brasil, co-choreographed by Frank Regan and Edward Villella
Don Quixote, choreographer for all Spanish segments of the ballet
Tango Ballet, choreographer for Miami City Ballet School


Abbreviated Biography of Frank Regan

Frank Regan is an award winning choreographer of National fame. He has excelled in many dance forms and is a former United States, Canadian and North American professional dance champion.  He has directed and/or choreographed literally hundreds of productions of all kinds and is recognized as one of  the most eclectic choreographers in America with a background in Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco, Musical Theater, and Ballroom. Frank is the recipient of many prestigious awards including

The “Legends of Dance Award,”

  The Lifetime Achievement Award from The National Dance Council of America, The World Dancing Hall of Fame Award,

 the CDTA Award for his contribution to Stage and Ballroom,

 the AMI Life Achievement Award

the Heritage Award

 The Alex Award from the Internationally renowned  Alexandria Arts Council,

 The World Masters Hall of Fame Award.   

Frank has been featured in numerous newspapers , magazines and trade journals, such as Dancebeat and Dancesport Magazine . He is listed in the Cambridge who’s who and an entire chapter is devoted to him in the celebrated ‘Ballroom Icons” book.

During the nineteen nineties he was acknowledged by the United States Department  of Cultural Affairs for his outstanding work as a director and choreographer. He is the Dean of the  Educational Faculty of The  Theatre Arts Branch of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in America( The most prestigious educational dance establishment of its kind in the world) and is the writer of the study material for teachers taking a degree in that Branch.  He also fulfills the role of writer as a columnist for leading trade journals and dance periodicals. His most noted literary accomplishments being the writer of the impressionistic art book “Championship Ballroom Dancing”.  which enjoys an esteemed position in the library of the President of the United States.  He is much sought after to lecture in colleges Dance schools and various types of Symposiums on historic, philosophic, scientific and psychological aspects of dance. Frank received the 2010 professional of the year award from The Camridge whos who for his work in the performing arts and is listed as the holder of a masters degree in Dance  and a PhD in the Spatial dynamics of Theatre.  He is the Artistic Director of the American Dance Montage.

   On Feb. 6th,2010 Frank had the title of “Maestro” bestowed upon him by the world famous Miami City Ballet under the direction of Edward Villella.  One of his many prestigious endeavors has been to serve for  ten years as the Period and Stylistic Choreographer for The Miami City Ballet.

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